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"THE NEW YORK TAPES" - Both Feet Records (BF1001-2)

The New York Tapes CD is a survey of the bands I led and wrote for in New York City in the 70s and 80s.  I’m  flattered that these now very high profile colleagues gave their time and support during an era we were all busy becoming established on the NY scene. Its a great souvenir of the folks I knew and places I remember during two decades in the heart of the beast. Thanks to these great instrumentalists for their music and their friendship.

Appearing are: Tom Harrell, Arnie Lawrence, Jim McNeely, Bob Moses, Harold Danko, Billy Hart, Bob Kindred, Jerome Harris, Jon Burr, Jeff Brillinger, Gary Smulyan and Valery Ponomarev.

“The New York Tapes is clearly the product of a very creative period. Several emerging talents involved went on to reach the top of their profession…every number has something distinctive to offer.”
Bob Weir
Jazz Journal international


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