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“no America, No Jazz!”

New York skyline night

Art Blakey was right – “no america no Jazz” as the leader of the Jazz Messengers used to say. Jazz is at the heart of the history of american culture and its message of freedom and personal empowerment has had a huge effect on the rest of the world in the last 100 years. The musical universe has come a long way since the 18th century’s focus on classical forms and artists that were regarded as replaceable servants subject to the whims of emperors and conductors.

I was extremely fortunate to grow up in New York City, the center of the Jazz world. At a very young age I found myself being asked on gigs with high profile iconic veteran musicians who accepted my playing without any reservation. These wonderful gentleman enabled a precocious 20 year old to realize that he had something to say in the wider musical world.

Now in hamburg germany I find it fullfilling to spread the word about the joy of this great music and explain why it is so valuable to folks who want to know whats behind it and why I play it.